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KOffice updates version 1.6

By   |  November 30, 2006

The KDE Project yesterday announced the release of KOffice version 1.6.1, the first bugfix version of KOffice 1.6.

Since this is a bugfix release, only two of the components, Krita and Kexi, have had new features added.

Krita, the image editing application of KOffice has had a new Colour Level filter added. Kexi, the desktop database application competing with MS Access, improvements include a new combo box taking advantage of the database relationships, and parameter queries. The developers said that “these features [were] developed as an answer to user demand [and] will make programming database solutions much easier.”

Bugfixes for Krita include one for false error warnings when applying an unsharp mask filter. Almost all of the other components got some bugs fixed. See the complete changelog for the complete information.

KOffice is an integrated office suite which includes: a frame-based, full-featured word processor (KWord); a spreadsheet application (KSpread); a presentation application (KPresenter); a flowchart application (Kivio); an integrated database application (Kexi); a new project management application (KPlato); a pixel-based image editing and paint application (Krita); and a vector-drawing application (Karbon14).

KOffice also includes business-quality reporting software (Kugar), a full-featured charting engine (KChart) and a mathematical formula handling application (KFormula).

KOffice can be downloaded from _new>


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