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Novell pulls full-time Hula developers

By   |  November 30, 2006

Hula, the collaborative open source mail and calendar project started by Novell in early 2005, has had all full-time developers assigned to different projects.

In his posting on the Hula newsgroup Peter Teichman, a Novell employee who was assigned to work full time on the Hula project, wrote: “Novell no longer has anyone working full-time on Hula. As a team we have spent some time looking at where the Hula project is and the opportunities in the market and in the end we had to conclude that we couldn’t justify investing at the same level in Hula going forward. So those of us who have been developing Hula full-time will be moving on to other roles and to other parts of the company.”

“It has been a great experience working on Hula full-time, and no one here has any ill will toward Novell. It was a difficult decision, but our group was involved throughout the process.”

One of the challenges facing the Hula project was the fact that nearly every organisation that the team spoke to already had a mail infrastructure which would result in the duplication of their SMTP, IMAP and POP setups when using Hula for their webmail.

Despite the lack of support from Novell, Teichman and others posting on the newsgroup are still interested in continuing their work on Hula. Teichman wrote: “We still really care about Hula and are interested in working on it going forward, but I think we’re going to need someone from the community to take a leadership role and continue to move things forward with direction.”


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