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Mandriva Linux on a stick

By   |  December 11, 2006

Mandriva this weekend launched Mandriva Flash, portable Linux version built on a USB key.

As a “live” version users can simply plug in the USB key, turn the PC on and the Mandriva Linux 2007 operating system is ready to use

In a release over the weekend the company said “the main advantage of Mandriva Flash is that it provides a full-featured system that requires no installation and — the icing on the cake — fits in your pocket. This is the most mobile distribution ever.”

The 2GB USB key includes 1GB of storage for data and system settings.

“System configuration, preferences and data are all saved to the key, in contrast to live CDs, which can’t store this data). Another great advantage is that the CD/DVD drive remains available,allowing the user to read or burn a CD/DVD while using Mandriva Flash.”

The company also says the USB-based version of its operating system is also quicker than similar CD-based versions when used with USB2.0.

Mandriva Flash includes:
Kernel 2.6.17
KDE 3.5.4
Mozilla Firefox
OpenOffice 2.0.3
The Gimp 2.3.10
AmaroK 1.4.3
KMPlayer 0.9.3
Ekiga 2.0.3
K3b 0.12.17
KPDF 0.5.4

Mandriva Flash also includes a working 3D desktop for users keen to impress friends and colleagues.

To make things easier a number of key proprietary drivers and often-used plugins such as Adobe Flash Player and RealPlayer, are included on the key.


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