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Firefox 3 Alpha released for developers

By   |  December 12, 2006

Mozilla have released the first alpha version of Firefox 3. Named Gran Paradiso, this unstable version is only recommended for developers.

Still in its very early stages, much of the work being done on the project still involves planning, scoping and assigning of tasks. To view the progress on this or to become involved, visit the Gran Paradiso Planning Center.

Firefox 3 is currently scheduled for release before the end of 2007, possibly as early as May. Run on the Gecko 1.9 platform, the new version contains many changes, some of which were held back from the version 2 release.

Among its changes, Gran Paradiso sheds compatibility with some older operating systems, including Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows ME. OS X 10.2 is no longer supported and OS X 10.3.9 or higher is recommended.

New features to be tested include:
– Cairo is now being used as the default graphics library, affecting all graphic and text rendering
– Cocoa Widgets are now used in OS X builds
– An updated threading model
– Changes to how DOM events are dispatched
– Changes to how elements are loaded
– Changes to how web pages are painted
– New SVG elements and filters, and improved SVG specification compliance

To view the full release notes go to

To download a copy visit


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