porn - javhd - hentai 2.1 released

By   |  December 13, 2006‘s third release of the year, version 2.1 is available as a 94 meg download, marginally bigger than the 92.7 megs of version 2.0. At a casual glance there is nothing obviously new in this version, but there are several improvements on interoperability and final presentation of documents.

For users, the presentations application, Impress, now supports an option for multiple monitors to allow users to choose where to display the presentation.

The spreadsheet application, Calc, has improved on its HTML export capability so that browsers are able to recreate the original spreadsheet’s appearance more accurately.

On the databasing side, Base now has improved support Microsoft Access. GNU/Linux users are now able to use the Quickstarter as a GTK application.

As always with, the software is available to developers and system integrators to incorporate into their own applications. Extension developers will find that the management of packages has been made simpler by version 2.1’s extended support for version control to extensions.

For users to better keep track of new versions in the future, 2.1 features an improved online notifier that will check if a new version is available. For users who prefer not to have programs going online on their behalf, the function can be disabled. (Tectonic will definitely cover future releases, so do not worry about missing anything) 2.1 is now available for download free of charge at

If the download servers are busy, there is also an alternative legal peer-to-peer (P2P) system available at

Alternatively, Community Distributors supply the software on CD-ROM. For a list of distibutors go to


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