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Talking about ICTs and development

By   |  January 22, 2007

The Open Source Centre at the Meraka Institute will be hosting a two-day colloquium from February 6-8 on the importance of ICTs to development and transformation. Issues to be discussed at the meeting include open content and open access in academia, open content and development, free and open source and accessibility, research policy and access, the digital divide, intellectual property and policy, digital rights management and free and open source software.

The colloquium will bring together a variety of human, social scientific and legal analyses on free and open source software, open content, intellectual property rights and knowledge and dissemination pathways.

“Over the last decade, various activist organisations the world over, be they NGOs, CBOs, academic organisations or government aligned sectors, have started to advance the importance of using ICTs for socio-economic development, or transformation framed differently,” the organisers said in a press release over the weekend.

“The bulk of these efforts, when co-ordinated, have brought together computer scientists, policy analysts and engineers to mould solutions that make a difference to the lives of ordinary people. At the same time, however, academics from the legal, human and social sciences have also attempted to forge paths that make optimal use of ICTs for meaningful transformation. Many have argued that the best ICT solutions, with free and open source software, among them, will remain meaningless without adequate understanding of how pathways of knowledge and empowerment work. Various scholars from these disciplinary frameworks have undertaken research into the meeting-places of ICTs and social activity.


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