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Evil Edgy – the dark side of Ubuntu

By   |  January 25, 2007

“Woe to you, Oh Earth and Sea, for the Devil sends the beast with wrath because he knows the time is short… Let him who hath understanding reckon the distro of the beast, for it is a Linux distro, its distro is Ubuntu Satanic Edition.”

So reads the intro to the latest mutation of Ubuntu, Evil Edgy.

First there was the Ubuntu Christian Edition available from As it seems that good cannot exist without evil, it was just a matter of time until the dark lord got his own distro.

January saw the release of the Kubuntu Satanic Edition, which was released with the announcement “Lock up your daughters, Kubuntu Satanic Edition is in town! Gnome users have been enjoying the Feiry-themed darkness of the Satanic Edition since December the 13th. Now Satan has spread his wings to cast a foreboding shadow over the KDE desktop.”

Ubuntu/Kubuntu founder and chief executive Mark Shuttleworth, took a light-hearted and open minded stance when he replied to a query from by saying “Ubuntu is a broad church! We manage to keep both GNOME and KDE folks happy and collaborating constructively, so this should be no trouble at all.”

“Our guiding rules are enshrined in the Ubuntu Code of Conduct, and as long as all sides are following that, there’s no problem with derivatives that are focused on such diverse user bases,” the Ubuntu founder added.

Garry Parker, the lead developer of Evil Edgy commented “I am very happy that this edition is bringing new blood to Ubuntu. That is our ultimate goal!”

Evil Edgy is not a complete distribution in itself, serving rather as a theme for Ubuntu Edgy 6.10 which users will have to have first installed. Despite fears that it may cause your computer to spontaneously combust, Evil Edgy can even be implemented on the Ubuntu Christian Edition.

For screenshots of this version, go here. If you have some time to kill, for a laugh check out the comments underneath the screen shots to see some humorous conflicts in theology and some evil wit.

To download and install Evil Edgy, go here.

The Kubuntu version can be downloaded here.

Users of older versions of Ubuntu wishing to dabble with the dark side can download wall papers and splash screens for GNOME and for KDE.

Next on the evil agenda will be Fiesty Spawn. You have been warned!


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