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\'BakBone 100% behind Linux\'

By   |  April 25, 2003

BakBone Software says it realised a 30 percent increase in Linux licences between 2001 and 2002.

Sean Jackson, Emea marketing manager for BakBone, says \”NetVault is built on an advanced modular architecture that gives IT managers the flexibility required to support continued growth and incorporate new enhancements rapidly as information storage needs expand and change.\”

Jackson says Netvault is able to operate in multi-vendor networks as well as support a range opf platforms making it suitable for Linux users.

\”In addition, the fact that we provide over six Linux platforms and over forty Application Plugin Modules (APM) proves that BakBone can provide its business customers the latest Linux technologies that much faster.\”

NetVault, in Jackson\’s opinion, is fast becoming the de facto standard for Linux backup software in the storage market.

\”This includes support of single files greater than 2GB when using a 64-bit Linux 2.4 kernel. It also includes a RAW device plugin that enables backup of character devices and block devices, as well as support of a variety of Linux distributions such as Red Hat and Turbolinux.\”


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