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SA Perl users gather

By   |  May 14, 2003

Perl is probably one of the best known and most used scripting language on Unix today, says Nico Coetzee, founder of the newest open source user group in the country, Perl Mongers. \”One of the reasons for it\’s success, is the fact that Perl is Open Source under the Artistic License.\”

So why a new Perl users group? The Open Source Movement itself is based on communities or groups, says Coetzee. All the groups are inter-connected in one way or another, yet they have their own goals and objectives, their own type of leadership and way of doing things. Perl is no exception and there are many Perl Groups all over the world.

ZA.PM was established to organise a group of Perl users in South Africa. \”It all began when I was doing research about Open Source in general in Africa, and I found that one of the short comings is that there are a relatively a small number of organised groups in Africa in the various Open Source disciplines. I then figured: \’I know Per, lets start a Perl group\’ and that\’s about how it started.\”

Coetzee says the aim of ZA.PM is to establish an organised forum of Perl programmers in South Africa to advocate and educate programmers in the latest Perl programming techniques and discuss relevant localised issues surrounding the Perl Language.

\”Sometimes it\’s easier to ask a question to a group of people that you already know. It\’s also just more fun if you\’re part of a group close to home,\” says Coetzee.

ZA.PM establish and maintain a mailing list, advocate, build a comprehensive resource directory, discuss the latest issues on Perl and help new comers to Perl find the way.

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