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Third snapshot of upcoming KDE 4

By   |  February 27, 2007

The KDE project has announced the availability of the third development snapshot of the upcoming KDE 4. This version is meant for developers who want to experiment with parts of KDE 4, start porting their applications to the new KDE 4 platform or want to start to develop applications based on KDE 4. It is not for end users as there is no guarantee that it will be stable and interfaces are also subject to changes at any time.

This new development version of KDE features the following new technologies:
– Sonnet
Solid, KDE 4’s unified layer to deal with hardware and network resources.
– A vast improvement on support for the Windows and Mac OS platforms. (See for more information.)
– The newly added filemanager Dolphin which will be the default filemanager for KDE. (Konqueror will still be available and shares much code with Dolphin.)

After “Krash“, the first development snapshot, this is another step closer to KDE 4.0 which will be released later this year. The KDE developers aim at a release around mid-year. Reaching this target depends on application developers picking up the new technology to use in their applications.

The use of D-Bus as the inter-process-communication system, the merge of Phonon as the multimedia framework and KDE’s new buildsystem, CMake, define this latest release.

The next planned change is new integration of Oxygen, the new artwork concept. Work on Plasma is also taking up pace.

Download the 3.80.3 source, or install packages for Kubuntu or openSUSE.

Questions about KDE 4 are answered on various mailing lists such as kde-devel and kde-buildsystem.


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