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Mandriva Spring to offer 3D desktop alternative

By   |  March 26, 2007

Reacting to recent 3D Linux desktop developments, the team at Mandriva Linux are looking to include an alternative 3D interface in the forthcoming Mandriva Spring 2007 release.

Mandriva is touting the inclusion of the Metisse window manager as a new approach to managing the desktop.

Unlike the “cube” approach favoured by most 3D desktop environments, in which desktops can be rotated as the various sides of a cube, Metisse applies 3D effects directly to windows. (See video here).

In a release over the weekend the team said “the breakthrough technology … is Metisse, an innovative window management technology. Unlike the widely known 3D-accelerated desktops with the “cube” effect and other visual enhancements, Metisse offers an innovative way to manage windows. Only the windows move, making the possible variations endless.

Metisse is an X-based window system designed to enable new ways of working with windows. This includes folding windows, rotating them and stacking them.

Mandriva Linux 2007 Spring will also include the newest versions of the Compiz and Beryl 3D-accelerated desktops.


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