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Beryl and Compiz merger likely

By   |  March 27, 2007

Recent talk over a possible merging of Compiz and Beryl seems to be reaching fruition. Although details have yet to be worked out and do deals have been sealed, the new project already has been given the suggested title of Coral.

A posting by Quinn Storm on the Beryl-dev forum, entitled
Merge On (details still to be decided), announced that the merge would go ahead.

In the posting, Storm wrote :”Well, I’ve read all the arguments, and I think I may have been being overly cautious. It is indeed a concern that we might lose our freedom in a ‘merge’, but I have been convinced that it isn’t a major concern (and of course we reserve the right to re-fork).”

Meanwhile, the Compiz forum, had a posting, Possible merger with Beryl, which revealed that informal discussions over the past few weeks had taken place between the two groups, and that these were becoming more formal.

After some discussions with the Beryl community we came to the conclusion that that Compiz-Extra and Beryl would be nearly identical projects competing against each other using the same (or very similar) core, the same plugins, and having goals that were very similar. The obvious question then became: ‘Why are we competing?’

At this point we are actively discussing the possibility of reuniting. Many of the issues that caused the fork and have kept us apart are now resolved or irrelevant. The idea we have discussed is combining the Compiz-Extra and Beryl communities under a new name. Compiz would continue to exist as a smaller package.

The Compiz managing committee had earlier decided to split Compiz into two divisions, Compiz-Extra and Compiz-Core. According their draft proposal, the Compiz-Core division will include the code of the current core plus core plugins that provide essential functionality. This will be packaged under the name Compiz, which will focus on being a compositing window manager that will run on X Server and can be integrated into any desktop environment. It will not include any functionality or code that replaces similar functionality in a desktop environment unless it is required for Compiz to operate correctly.

The Compiz-Extra division, which is likely to merge with Beryl, will include plugins and other programs that provide functionality which is not essential to the operation of the core. In the draft proposal, Compiz-Extra will have a broad focus on plugins, decorators, libraries, and other programs. In addition to stable code, it will also include developmental and experimental code. This package will include functionality and code that can be used universally, with a specific desktop environment or can be run on Compiz without a desktop environment. Those working on its development will have the goal of developing Compiz related software and supporting the use of Compiz on all desktops.


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