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Good looks, security mark OpenOffice 2.2 release

By   |  March 29, 2007

The community today announced version 2.2 of the popular open source office suite, a release it hopes will make further inroads into the Microsoft Office user base.

While the previous version, OOo2.1, worked well on Microsoft’s new Vista operating system, this version is the first release to begin making use of some of the new cosmetic changes included in Vista. Among these is the use of new dialogue boxes.

For Apple users there is good news with a smaller download and install size, always welcome in an application this size. OOo version 2.2 requires Mac OS X 10.4.x running X11.

Also on the table this time around is a series of security enhancements following a spate of vulnerabilities reported in the media over the past couple of weeks. “ 2.2 also protects users from newly discovered vulnerabilities, where users’ PCs could be open to attack if they opened documents from, or accessed web sites set up by, malicious individuals,” the team said in a release this morning.

In line with attempts to make OOo a more appealing alternative to Microsoft Office, the team has also enhanced the PDF export function to include optional creation of bookmarks and support for user-definable export of form fields.

Calc, the spreadsheet component of OOo, has a number of enhancements to improve Microsoft format compatibility including improved support for pivot tables and some specialised trigonometric functions.

Base, the database component, has improved SQL editing functionality as well as a new queries within queries feature. Compatibility options for some database drivers, such as Oracle ODBC, have been improved.

Impress, the presentations component, offers improvements in the handling of hidden slides which has been made more intuitive. 2.2 will be available from the website later today and though the normal P2P and mirror sites.


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