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FreeBSD 5.1 furthers application threading

By   |  June 10, 2003

The FreeBSD team yesterday announced the release of FreeBSD 5.1. Scott Long of the FreeBSD Release Engineering team, said \”this release continues FreeBSD on the path of advanced multiprocessor and application thread support and includes many improved and widely-sought features.\”

These improvements include:

– Experimental 1:1 and M:N thread libraries provide kernel support for efficient application multithreading.
– Support for Physical Address Extensions enables Pentium Pro and higher CPUs to access up to 64GB of RAM.
– Experimental Name Service Switch infrastructure allows enterprises to seamlessly integrate with LDAP and Active Directory services.
– Enhanced \”jail\” management, allowing one server to provide many different \”virtual machines\” with reduced administrator workload.
– New device drivers include support for IBM/Adaptec ServeRAID controllers, expanded support for USB 2.0 and USB Ethernet adapters, and Promise Serial ATA controllers.
– Experimental support for the amd64 platform allows FreeBSD to run on single processor AMD Opteron systems.

\”Although stability is greatly improved and many bugs have been fixed, FreeBSD 5.1 might not be suitable for all users,\” says Long. \”More conservative users may prefer to continue using FreeBSD 4.X. Information on the various trade-offs involved, as well as some notes on future plans for both
FreeBSD 4.X and 5.X, can be found in the Early Adopter\’s Guide.\” These can be found at:

More useful links:
Release notes can be found at

FreeBSD 5.1 supports the i386, pc98, alpha, sparc64, and ia64 architectures and can be installed directly over the net using the boot floppies or copied to a local NFS/FTP server.


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