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RSS Ticker: display news headlines in your browser

By   |  April 23, 2007

This neat little FireFox extension converts your browser into an interactive and personalised news channel. Incredibly simple at only 56 KB, the RSS Ticker works with your live bookmarks so that headlines from selected feeds are scrolled either above or below the browsing window.

Hovering over the headline stops them from scrolling and a short blurb is displayed in a small window that pops up above the headline. One click opens up the link.

The ticker is very customizable. The order of headlines can be randomised or grouped by their sources. Links can either open on the same tab or in a new one. The number of stories from each feed can also be adjusted. A feed section allows one to tick which of the subscribed feeds you want displayed. Stories that have been read can automatically be removed from the ticker, unbolded or left unchanged.

It integrates well with FireFox, to the point that when saving live feeds, the dialogue box includes an option to display the feed in the ticker.

A small warning should be given, however, as the constant flow of headlines can be very distracting. For this reason the ability to temporarily disable the ticker is a useful inclusion.

Go on! Give it a try and get your Tectonic stories direct to your browser.


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