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KnowledgeTree opens SOAP interfaces

By   |  April 30, 2007

Popular open source document management application KnowledgeTree now includes SOAP Web Services interfaces, opening up opportunties for third party developers to integrate with the document management system.

KnowledgeTree developers, South Africa-based Jam Warehouse, has also opened up its WebDAV interface which was previously only available as part of the commercial version of the application.

SOAP, or Simple Object Access Protocol, is an XML-based protocol that allows applications to share information across the Internet.

“KnowledgeTree Web Services provide software developers with exciting new opportunities to develop applications around KnowledgeTree’s document repository, irrespective of the platform or language utilised by the developer. We’re looking forward to seeing innovative new uses of KnowledgeTree, from both the KnowledgeTree open source community and our commercial users,” says lead architect Conrad Vermeulen of KnowledgeTree developers Jam Warehouse.

KnowledgeTree’s SOAP Web Services provide a language-independent, and platform independent interface to the functional core of the document management system. They allow the creation of extensions for KnowledgeTree, and the ability to develop and access KnowledgeTree functionality using various languages including PHP, C#.NET, Delphi, Java, Python, Ruby, C/C++. To assist developers, client libraries are available in a number of different languages.

The WebDAV interface, a platform-independent extension of the HTTP protocol which allows users to collaboratively manage files within the KnowledgeTree document repository, has been released under the KnowledgeTree Public Licence, a licence based on the Mozilla Public Licence.

The web-based and AJAX-enabled application is built on the popular open source LAMP (Apache/MySQL/PHP) stack.


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