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Sun drops own Linux, signs up RedHat

By   |  June 17, 2003

Sun Microsystems has entered into a global alliance agreement with Red Hat to distribute its Enterprise Linux operating system. Both vendors will also broaden the use of each other\’s technologies in the volume server marketplace.

This follows close on the heels of last week\’s Sun operating system roadmap announcement in which the company said it saw no need to create and maintain its own Linux distribution. Rather, the company said at the time, it planned rather to support one of the mainstream distributions.

In terms of this agreement, Red Hat will distribute Sun\’s Java Virtual Machine (JVM) with Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and Sun will sell and support all x86 versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux including Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES and Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS.

Dumisani Mtoba, senior systems engineer at Sun Microsystems SA, says this development effectively delineates Sun\’s Linux strategy. \”Sun decided some time ago that there was no need for a homegrown Sun Linux OS, as options such as those from Red Hat already satisfy market requirements. With this announcement, Sun is bringing a proven distribution to market on the x86 platform, giving businesses the option of pre-configured Linux-based Sun hardware,\” says Mtoba.

Mtoba says the relationship is the first of many initiatives the company expects to drive jointly with Red Hat on the Linux and Java fronts. \”The combination of Java and Linux gives customers a cost-effective and reliable alternative to proprietary offerings from other vendors.\”

\”Broadening its commitment for standard Linux distributions such as Red Hat, Enterprise Linux is a continuation of Sun\’s strategy to offer CIOs a choice of operating systems under Project Orion, Sun\’s systematic approach for delivering customers an integrated and open standards-based software system,\” says Mtoba.

The company will also make its Sun ONE products available on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux solutions will be available from Sun by the third quarter of 2003 and will be supported on recently announced Sun x86 systems, the Sun Fire V60x and V65x. Future x86 products from Sun will also support Red Hat Enterprise Linux.


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