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Sun Microsystems raises the value bar for operating systems

By   |  June 17, 2003

Press Release
Sun Microsystems is beefing up its strategy to deliver integral value with its operating environments by including a complete software stack with every operating system it provides. This emerged at a technology update held recently in Sandton, during which the vendor highlighted current and future developments on its Solaris operating environment.

\”Part of our strategy in delivering operating environments is to include a product set that provides users with integrated software tools and not just an operating system,\” says Lodewyk de Beer, solutions architect at Sun Microsystems SA.

Presently, Sun offers UNIX-based Solaris for SPARC, Solaris for x86 and Sun Linux. Both versions of Solaris have been developed from the same code-base, while de Beer notes that Solaris for x86 is Linux Source Base-compatible. \”This allows any Linux applications to run seamlessly on Solaris for x86; furthermore, a selection of proven, widely accepted open source applications are supplied with Solaris for x86,\” he says.

Currently in Version 9, Solaris for x86 is available free for non-commercial uses, and for just $99 for business use. The operating system combines outstanding security and reliability – which it inherits from its UNIX sibling – with low cost to provide a compelling alternative operating environment for x86 servers.

\”Trusted Solaris for SPARC is already available and is now also available in Version 8 for x86. Many of the security measures in Trusted Solaris have been included in Solaris 9. With the release of Version 10 next year, Trusted Solaris and the standard version will converge, giving administrators the option to install a trusted version or a standard version at startup,\” says de Beer.

In terms of its Linux strategy, de Beer explains that Sun has responded to customer requirements and opted to use a standard distribution such as SuSe or Red Hat instead of developing its own version. \”This makes more sense for our customers as there isn\’t a requirement for an additional Linux distribution,\” he says.

With strategic similarities across its operating environments, Sun is delivering greater value in terms of cost, security and reliability. \”By participating in diverse environments, Sun gives companies a wider choice of solutions to address their business problems, while maintaining consistency of management and development interfaces. Business needs more value from less investment, and we are delivering on this with our software products,\” concludes de Beer.


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