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SA team updates translation tools

By   |  May 28, 2007

South African translation specialists have released new versions of the Translate toolkit and Pootle.

Pootle and the translate toolkit are free tools for online localisation management and translation.

In an email on Friday founder Dwayne Bailey said the team was “proud to reach this milestone release on Africa Day”.

“This is a major release coinciding with the release of translate toolkit 1.0. Version 1.0 or later of the translate toolkit is needed for Pootle 1.0.”

Among the changes are:
– XLIFF support. Projects can now be hosted either as XLIFF or PO projects.
– Language names can be displayed in the interface language
– Some redesign of the translate page
– Translators can leave comments at each unit
– The fuzzy attribute of a unit can be set
– Some performance improvements
– Support for Darcs version control, in addition to CVS and SVN
– Support for a configurable baseurl
– The quality checks are now more aware of different conventions between languages in terms of punctuation, for example.

Bailey says that the WordForge team is working with Debian and to use Pootle infrastructure for community localisation. “This is a growing trend with many language and project teams as well as commercial companies using Pootle to manage localisation. For more information, see

“We have been running the release candidates for 1.0 for some time at and translations for some languages are already complete.”

Pootle ships with interface translations for more than 35 languages.

The release files are available for download.

For more information on Pootle see here.


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