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Compare retail prices on the move

By   |  June 22, 2007

Jump Shopping, South Africa’s online shopping search engine has launched a mobile offering of its popular search engine.

While shopping out in a local store, customers can now answer the question: "How much would I save if I bought this on the Internet?"

This service can be accessed by using any web-enabled mobile phone and entering in their mobile browser.

Jump Shopping Mobile enables users who are not in front of their computers to search through more than three million products from 100 online stores in South Africa.

"It makes perfect sense to launch such a product, as there are more mobile phone users than PC users in South Africa. This is a great initiative that empowers the consumers of South Africa and gives them the ability to look for comparative prices while shopping in the real world,"  says Albert Bredenhann, Managing Director of Jump Shopping.

Bredenhann believes that this new offering, which he believes fills a gap that exists in comparative shopping sites around the world, has great potential for being taken up by South Africa’s well developed mobile community of 28 million. To back up this confidence, he supplies the following interesting research cellphone use expanding beyond merely calls:

  • BBC reported 20% of their international WAP traffic (web site visits from cell phones) originating from South Africa
  • Opera Mini, a leading mobile browser, report South Africa as one of their top five territories worldwide
  • An international mobile advertising network claim over 60 million page views per month originating from South Africa
  • According to World Wide Worx’s Mobility 2006 research study, there is large and growing interest in accessing the Internet with cell phones by young adult market segments.

According to Arthur Goldstuck,  MD of World Wide Worx, "The trendsetters are creating a buzz around the many ways in which you can make your communications life more effective with a cellphone that has internet access. The next step up will be shopping with the cellphone. Meanwhile, however, using the cellphone to assist in traditional shopping is a natural evolution."

Jump Shopping said it believes this is a first for the South African mobile community and it looks forward to seeing growth in mobile shopping in the next few years. As reported previously, in January this year Jump Shopping sold 22% of their business to BidorBuy in Delaware, USA.


One Response to “Compare retail prices on the move”

  1. ComX
    July 4th, 2007 @ 12:00 am

    ComX Computers tried their hand at mobile shopping a while back, and has been using the mobile service since 2004 for in-house use and field use, and although it has been available for the general public use as well, the take up was somewhat suppressed, mainly due to bandwidth costs over GPRS. Mobile users are still few, and our statistics show that only a small percentage of traffic is generated on mobile devices such as cell phones or PDAs. Opera mini has been released for all JAVA enabled cellular phones, and of course the new generation mobile phones have contributed to the likelihood of more mobile users. The advantage today is that the cost to access Internet data over cellular networks has decreased drastically. My rough calculation has it costs a user aproximately 1.5 cents to view a page (out-of-bundle) – and even cheaper when using advanced browsers such as Opera Mini due to the browser cache. Visit our updated mobile store at

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