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SA site takes social networking mobile

By   |  June 26, 2007

A much overlooked irony with social networking sites is that, although they are supposedly "social", their use requires one to very unsocially spend time behind you PC. A recently launched South African website, Mobimii (pronounced mobi-me), has solved that problem by taking the concept mobile.

Launched by Fontera, a Cape Town based mobile solutions development and marketing company, the cross platform social networking portal aims to challenge some of the world’s leading social networking platforms.

“Already active in South Africa and the US, mobimii is the next step in social networking portals, offering a wide range of functionality,” said Fontera CEO, Simon Leps.

Inspired by the recent success obtained by web-based networks like Myspace and Facebook, mobimii goes one step further by allowing users to upload their own mobile content and communicate with friends through their cellphones.

The user generated mobimii world enables users to upload and download content, chat, share photographs or video-clips and manage their social network through their cellphones with no additional charge above that of their regular online network fee.

“Sharing becomes easier when it goes mobile”, argued Leps, “Mobimii ensures that web and mobile become interchangeable components in the everyday life of users, ensuring they stay connected to their social network at all times”.

Subscription to the site is free, undercutting the premium rates of current cellphone content.

“The technology, needed to merge the online and mobile worlds, had to be robust and flexible to take into account all the different cellular networks worldwide and allow customers from all over the world to interact seamlessly, access content and manage their profile whether on their mobile device or in front of their computer,” said Leps.

Mobimii connects users via the Internet, through GPRS or 3G and communication takes place by using a mobimii JAVA application that is downloaded to the cellphone.

Speaking to Fontera’s technical director, Grant Fleming, explained some of the sites backend. The site uses the ever-popular [1]open source[/1] LAMP stack ([2]Linux[/2], [3]Apache[/3], [4]MySQL[/4] and [5]PHP[/5]). Fleming explained that because of the complexities of integrating the various aspects of the site, they were not able to use an existing content management system (CMS) and instead had to build their own CMS from scratch.

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3 Responses to “SA site takes social networking mobile”

  1. Eric Edelstein
    June 26th, 2007 @ 12:00 am

    The web 2.0 space is already over-crowded. I\’m wondering how long till the mobile social networking space feels the same way?

    New mobile applications might have amazing features, but MXIT have the numbers. (and it\’s going to have to be some incredible new feature that MXIT for some reason can\’t develop that will get people to spend less time on MXIT)

    The same argument that I tell people when they tell me about their new web social networking sites – it\’s going to take something amazing for people to spend any significant time on a new site, rather than on facebook.

  2. LJ
    June 27th, 2007 @ 12:00 am

    Watch this space….

  3. Sonja
    August 12th, 2007 @ 12:00 am

    … you might be right. However, there \’s a rising number of very good mobile apps (e.g. bing, fring, mig33,…) on the market with potential for the future…

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