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Oracle Linux in sight, says Shuttleworth

By   |  July 30, 2007

Oracle’s assault on Linux looks to take the shape of a fork in the near future, according to Canonical founder and Ubuntu chief Mark Shuttleworth.

"They must be on track to fork soon," Shuttleworth told The Register during an interview at the O’Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON).

"They are hiring too many people just to deliver patches. My assumption is that they are on track to fork and build their own distribution," he said.

To date Oracle has offered Oracle Enterprise Linux which is in fact just a version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux which Oracle tracks very closely.

Shuttleworth, however, sees Oracle gearing up for its own, full-fledged version of Linux that would compete with software from Red Hat, Novell and others. Under such a plan, Oracle would very likely keep its Red Hat compatibility in place, while working to grab hold of new accounts with Ego Linux, as it will surely be known.

"I think it would be great," Shuttleworth said.

Read more at The Register.


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