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LPI tops 150 000 exams worldwide

By   |  August 27, 2007

The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) have announced that their exam totals have topped the 150 000 mark and that their rollout is gaining momentum.

Jim Lacey, president and chief executive of the [1]LPI[/1] commented on the organisation’s strong growth in the last two years: "In February 2005, five years after our program’s inception, we announced that we had achieved 75 000 exams worldwide. In half that time we have doubled the number. This demonstrates the growing momentum and importance of Linux professionalism in the IT industry."

"LPI’s 150,000 exam achievement is to be commended and exemplifies the critical role of their certification program in setting professional standards for Linux in the IT industry. We at the Linux Foundation look forward to working with LPI in the future to ensure the ongoing development of [2]Open Source[/2] standards and recognize the unique role they have played in that effort thus far," said Jim Zemlin, executive director of The Linux Foundation.

"LPI’s vendor neutral approach is to be commended. What would you think of an applicant who presents a certificate that allows him to drive just one specific brand of automobile, instead of an applicant who has a regular driver’s license? … LPI is the Swiss-Army-Knife among all Linux certifications," said Reinhard Wiesemann of the Linuxhotel, an IT training and service provider, in Essen, Germany.

Hitachi, Fujitsu and NEC joined in with praise for the LPI’s work.

The institute said that the exams are created using "industry recognised psychometrics and professional test development processes to ensure high quality exams with direct relevance to the skills being tested". The programme has been delivered worldwide in multiple languages to offer standardised certification with international recognition.

Since the programme’s inception, LPI has delivered over 150 000 exams and 47 000 plus LPIC certifications around the world. The Meraka Institute is the South African LPI partner and will next month be conducting exams in Pretoria and Cape Town.


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