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Mozilla launches Firefox for campuses

By   |  August 30, 2007

In a bid to customise their offerings further and spread their user base, Mozilla this week launched the Firefox Campus Edition.

In fact it is not anything particularly new, merely a version of Firefox that comes bundled with three [1]add-ons[/1] that are considered useful for students: Foxytunes, StumbleUpon and Zotero.

Foxytunes is a browser-based manager for media players, which also allows the user to find lyrics, covers, videos and biographies.

StumbleUpon (reviewed here) randomly opens any one of a vast number of websites that are suited to your stated interests.

Zotero, produced by centre for history and new media at George Mason University with some of its funding from the US Institute of Museum and Library Services, assists students in collecting, managing, and, most importantly for students needing to compile meaningful bibliographies, citing research sources.

For those keen to use the student-geared version but who are already using Firefox, Mozilla suggests that users just install the three add-ons.

While this version may well be happily taken up at overseas universities, where bandwidth use does not amount to sucking concrete through a straw, it is unlikely that local universities will be as eager to make such bandwidth hogs as StumbleUpon standard issue on their machines.



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