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Cape hosts global Python bug-tracker

By   |  September 27, 2007

This news just in from Upfront Systems: The Stellenbosch-based Plone and Python gurus have taken over the global hosting and management of the bug-tracking system.

Upfront’s Roché Compaan tells us that little more than a year ago decided that they had to move their issue tracking onto a different platform.

“During their investigations they considered numerous applications ending with a shortlist consisting of: Trac, Roundup, Jira and Launchpad. After the evaluation period the committee was split between Jira and Roundup, with a hosting-offer swinging the balance in favour of Jira.”

But, says Compaan, “Jira is not open source, whereas Roundup is. Additionally, Roundup is actually written in Python. So, for some of the community, the thought of using Jira instead of Roundup, seemed like an opportunity going a-begging.

“Upfront Systems, as an active member of that community decided to do something about it and offered to host and manage the Roundup instance for Python Software Foundation.

“After some evaluation, the committee decided to accept our offer and as of 23 August 2007 Roundup became the new Python Bug Tracker at

It’s great to see local companies assisting the global free software developer community.


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