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Desktop tune-up. Four cool Linux tricks

By   |  September 30, 2007

Kick-start your week with four easy (but still cool) tricks on your Linux desktop. Install the media server you’ve always wanted but never got around to doing, or fine-tune your hardware to squeeze out a few more hours of battery power … All this an more in this week’s How To Roundup. Oh, and send us your favourite Linux tricks.

1 – Install a media server: All good geeks have access to a spare server. And in most cases that server, whether it is a hosted server, a spare one at work or home or a friend’s, is probably underutilised. Put that spare capacity to work with Jinzora and access your media files over the Internet, no matter where you are.

2 – Squeeze out some more battery life: Getting longer battery life out laptop PCs is the holy grail of mobile computing. Powertop is a Linux tool to eek out those precious minutes of battery life by eliminating unnecessary power wasting processes.

3 – Embed a terminal in your desktop: Admit it. You enjoy using the command line in Linux. You only have a graphical interface so people in the office don’t look at you strangely. So why not embed a terminal window into the Gnome desktop and have a soothing desktop picture and the power of the command line all at once?

4 – Fine tune your hardware: Want to upgrade your PC but not sure of the type of memory you need or the capabilities of your machine? Try this tip to get the lowdown on your PC hardware.

Got a cool Linux trick? Write it down and send it to That way you get to share your cool trick with thousands of other geeks, all around the world.


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