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New Xandros distributor for Africa

By   |  August 4, 2003

The user-friendly Xandros Linux distribution has a new distributor in Africa. Bisarts, which recently purchased the software distribution business from SA-based Genosys, now also owns the OEM and VAR licenses for the whole of Africa. Managing Director Anton van den Berg says the company is looking particularly to pick up users from the many that have fallen foul of recent licensing changes and are looking for an affordable way to \”get legal\”.

Van den Berg says the company \”aims to retain its position as one of the more recognisable voices in the southern African open source community and Xandros, the Linux version of Windows, will enable it to do so.

\”Genosys brought a brilliant product into the country,\” he says. \”As with any product, the target market required support for the product, which the company couldn\’t provide due to the fact that they weren\’t equipped with the infrastructure or the knowledge base to do so at the time.

\”We want to change the way people think about desktop computing on a global basis,\” he says. Van den Berg says that apart from the \”pirate\” market, the company also hopes to make inroads into the small and medium business sector with Xandros. \”At the lower end of the market the licensing costs are so high that many businesses are looking for alternatives and we believe Xandros is one of the best possible solutions.\”

Xandros is particularly well suited to mixed environments, says van den Berg. He says in it is present form companies are able to migrate up to 90 percent of their business over to Linux. \”It\’s merely a question of educating them on the simplicity of the procedure.\”

\”Xandros offers many Windows-type benefits, including ease-of-use and compatibility with the most popular Microsoft file formats, without the expensive and frequent hardware and software upgrades, system crashes and susceptibility to viruses for which Windows has become known,\” says Van den Berg.


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