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Sun buys MySQL for $1 billion

By   |  January 16, 2008

Sun Microsystems has agreed to buy MySQL AB, the developers of the popular open source MySQL database, for “approximately” $1 billion. Both MySQL AB and Sun issued press releases today announcing the surprise deal.

In barely penetrable public relations gobbledegook, Sun’s Jonathan Schwartz explains the deal:

“Today’s acquisition reaffirms Sun’s position at the center of the global Web economy. Supporting our overall growth plan, acquiring MySQL amplifies our investments in the technologies demanded by those driving extreme growth and efficiency, from Internet media titans to the world’s largest traditional enterprises.”

For those that don’t speak the lingo, Sun is buying MySQL for a huge (no, HUGE) sum of money and claiming that that it represents some sort of proof that Sun is pivotal to the Web 2.0 economy.

Let’s just hope Sun doesn’t mess this one up like they have done with so many of their other attempts to appear hip and cool. Anyone remember the company’s various flirtations with Linux or the non-starter Cobalt Cube?


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