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ODF Alliance strikes back at report

By   |  January 17, 2008

The ODF Alliance has issued a response to a report produced by the Burton Group, which it said “makes a number of erroneously negative and unbalanced statements about the Open Document Format (ODF), many of them quite puzzling to us”.

In the response the alliance mentioned that the Burton Group did not review the report with the ODF Alliance, adding that if it had done so the alliance “would have brought to their attention a number of factual errors in the report, pointed out what in our opinion were weaknesses in logic, and noted places where they may have inadvertently been misled by their sources.

The nine-page response addresses 18 flaws that the alliance found with the Burton Group’s report, entitled “What’s Up, .DOC? ODF, OOXML, and the Revolutionary Implications of XML in Productivity Applications”. (viewable here, but only for Burton Group clients) On the flaws, the alliance said “We raise, and clarify, these issues for the benefit of others, especially government officials with whom we work closely, who are evaluating their options to gain greater control over their documents and may be confused by some of this content.”

Go here to see the response, which makes for some worthwhile reading.

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