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Italians confirm 50 000 OLPC donation to Ethiopia

By   |  January 21, 2008

The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project has been getting some bad press recently so this is some good news. Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi has confirmed his commitment to give 50 000 One Laptop Per Child laptops to Ethiopian schools. This is not new news (the original announcement was last year) but it does give an opportunity to show this video which offers some good insights into OLPC progress in Ethiopia.





One Response to “Italians confirm 50 000 OLPC donation to Ethiopia”

  1. Tobias Eigen
    January 25th, 2008 @ 2:35 am

    Thanks for sharing this news, and the video. My children were lucky enough to get these laptops through the G1G1 program, and I look forward to showing this to them and with other families in my own community here in the Seattle area that are experimenting with the laptop. Over the years I myself have been skeptical of the program (having called it a “dam project with bunny ears” on my blog) but am intrigued to see it in action in Ethiopian schools and am glad to see children getting so much pleasure out of them.

    As the laptop moves out of development and into implementation in actual programs in Africa, I’m really interested to see how the programs are implemented and how much they involve local people. I noted that the film was produced by an “Ethio-German” outfit called ecpb, with staffing provided by the German GTZ organization. There were indeed alot of young white people running around in the rooms helping out while the children were playing with them – nothing against the young white people helping out (I myself would have loved to be in their shoes) but from both a PR and implementation point of view it seems to me that we need to see more Ethiopian geeks involved even in the pilot phase of the project if it is going to be a success.



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