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$1million OSS innovation fund kicks off

By   |  January 30, 2008

Sun Microsystem’s innovation awards, announced late last year, kick off today. The Open Source Community Innovation Awards Programme, is offering up to $1 million to innovative developers working on any of Sun’s six pet open source software projects. The just over $1 million in prize money will be divided up with each project offering up to $175 000 in prize money for its best developers. The contest runs from today until 23 June 2008.

The six projects currently sponsored by Sun and part of this programme are: Glassfish, NetBeans, OpenJDK,, OpenSolaris and OpenSPARC. Each of the six projects defines it’s own rules and allocates how it will best reward developers working on those projects.

Awards in each project are earmarked for both technical innovations and well as documentation writing, bug reporting and community development. Most of the individual projects specify which countries are able to take part in the contest and which are eligible to win a cash prize. South Africa is one of the countries that is eligible but countries such as Cuba and Syria are excluded from participation in some of the projects.


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