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iLAB launches open source division

By   |  September 26, 2003

iLAB Enterprise Open Source (EOS) is the most recent addition to the local open source market and was officially launched earlier this month. The organisation is also the most recent business within the iLAB Group of Companies.

\”With most open source software applications having matured into stable and powerful enterprise applications globally, iLAB EOS aims to harness the potential of these applications to offer clients innovative solutions that incorporate cost-effective, open standards-based technology,\” says Stephen Owens, director of iLAB Enterprise Open Source.

Owens says iLAB EOS will focus on the design, delivery and support of IT solutions based on open source software. He says a primary focal point will be the emphasis on J2EE enterprise solutions built on the JBoss application server technology. The company will also consulting and advisory services to organisations that are trying to determine the strategic importance and value proposition of open source software.

\”iLAB EOS combines technical expertise in Java and JBoss with an understanding of the open source value proposition, that is, the benefits of utilising open source software within enterprise IT roles,\” says Owens. \”We
have invested in the training and certification of our developers, counting the services of the only two certified South African JBoss engineers in our development team, which places our technical expertise in an unrivalled
position locally.\”

Owens says companies in all market segments stand to benefit from open source software. \”While many
small and medium organisations are already utilising open source software to some extent, it is the medium to large companies who are likely to witness tangible financial, architectural and integration benefits of technologies
like J2EE and Jboss.\”

\”The launch of this company has come at an exciting time for the local market, as companies are starting to understand that open source software is a viable business channel, one that can offer them both technical and
financial advantages. Our aim is to help organisations understand the benefits that open source software can have on their long term planning cycles and IT governance plans,\” says Owens.


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