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News wrap: ThinkPad X300, Adobe's Air for Linux

By   |  February 26, 2008

We’ve written about the Lenovo ThinkPad X300 before and today the ultra-thin notebook was released. Today Adobe also announced that it was already preparing a Linux version of its Air framework for developing Internet applications.

Linux to get Air soon
Adobe has announced that it is readying a Linux version of Air, the company’s cross-platform framework for developing rich Internet applications. Adobe has already launched Air 1.0 for Windows and the Mac OS. Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch said today that a Linux version of Air was already in an alpha format. [Via techwack]

Novell’s SuSE Point of Service goes on sale
Novell today announced the release of SuSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service, the company’s latest version of its Linux OS optimised for retail computing environments. Point of Service supports large, multi-tier POS environments, custome images as well as several retail-specific images out of the box.

Lenovo x300 ships
Lenovo today launched the ultra-thin X300 ThinkPad notebook that competes with Apple’s MacBook Air for the pocketbooks of road warriors. The ThinkPad X300 has a number of features that the Air lacks, such as a wide array of ports and connectivity options, a removable battery, and a built-in DVD drive. It may not be cheap but but quite desirable.


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