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IBM chooses Windows for point of sale

By   |  February 28, 2008

IBM said yesterday that it had started installing a rapidly-growing retail version of Windows in its computerised point-of-sale terminals and other devices it markets to retail stores and restaurants. IBM plans to pre-install Microsoft’s Windows Embedded for Point of Service (WEPOS) software on its SurePOS machines as well as its self-service checkout systems and the interactive AnyPlace Kiosk product line.

The company insists, however that it is not abandoning Linux as a platform for its POS systems and said that its POS terminals would also be sold with Novell’s SuSE Linux POS software. “We are not dropping our Linux focus,” an IBM spokesman said. “That would be crazy.”

The announcement comes just two days after Novell announced the release of its SuSE retail system.



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