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Stallman hands over Emacs reins

By   |  February 27, 2008

Free software advocate and long time developer of the Emacs editor, Richard Stallman, has once again stepped down as the lead developer of Emacs, The Register reports. Stallman made the announcement on the Emacs developer forum and he later discussed his decision in an interview with Network World.

Stallman has previously stepped down from the lead role before, and even now he hints that he may well continue to be involved in ongoing Emacs development.

“I have not spent 32 years working on Emacs, and I’m not quite ‘parting'”, he said. “Since I first wrote GNU Emacs in 1984, I have not been the maintainer all the time. In fact, three other people have been the maintainer of GNU Emacs at various times. Gerd Moellman was the Maintainer for about 4 years, until a while after the release of Emacs 21. During that time he implemented display of variable-width text. He decided to stop, so I took up the maintainership again.”

The role of Emacs maintainer has been passed on to Stefan Monnier and Chong Yidong who have both worked with Stallman on Emacs for some time.

Stallman cites a lack of time as the main reason he has handed onver the reins and that he has been considering this move for the past year.



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