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Sun gets Real with Project Mad Hatter

By   |  October 8, 2003

Sun\’s Linux-based Propject Mad Hatter(officially known as the Java Desktop) has received the endorsement of RealNetworks with the conclusion of a distribution agreement in terms of which Sun will redistribute RealPlayer.

Dumisani Mtoba, senior systems engineer at Sun Microsystems SA says Project Mad Hatter is designed to deliver a secure, affordable enterprise desktop solution, while RealPlayer is a multimedia application that supports a variety of popular file formats.

\”Today\’s market dictates that CIOs develop a desktop computing strategy that addresses total cost-of-ownership issues, the mobilisation of the workforce through effective communication, as well as the ever-present requirements for increased security,\” say Mtoba.

\”Mad Hatter will provide enterprises with a secure and cost-effective desktop alternative to today\’s expensive, proprietary PC desktops. The integrated platform is based entirely on open standards and includes the key desktop applications necessary to provide users with a more secure and stable environment,\” says Mtoba.

\”Bundling RealPlayer with Mad Hatter is a step towards delivering familiar functionality to desktop users; in addition to this, Sun is working with other application vendors in its drive to ease the pain of viruses and open the industry to neutral file formats,\” he adds.


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