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Microsoft, Apple roll out big updates

By   |  March 19, 2008

Microsoft yesterday announced Vista Service Pack 1 and Apple released a monster update and Safari 3.1. Microsoft’s release appears to be dogged by “compatibility issues” while Apple’s 105MB update is making the mac fans swoon.

In a statement, Colin Erasmus, who heads up Microsoft’s Windows client business in South Africa said: “Drawing strongly on work from Microsoft’s hardware and software partners, SP1 brings improvements that address many key pieces of customer feedback, especially in the areas of performance and reliability. SP1 will bring enhanced value to customers in terms of security, performance, reliability and application compatibility. For the consumer, there’s never been a better time to look at Windows Vista. The capabilities that make Vista great are still there, but now, about a year out we can look back and see significant improvements in application, hardware, and device compatibility. SP1 also brings a number of changes that continue to improve the Windows Vista experience.”

There have been reports, however, that many security applications no longer work on SP1 because of “compatability issues”, something that Microsoft confirms on its own website.

Yesterday, Apple also rolled out a big update, this time all of 105MB of download to fix more than 80 vulnerabilities in its Tiger and Leopard operating systems. The 105MB download excludes the additional 25MB download that brings Safari 3.1 to the desktops of the Mac faithful.



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