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Ubuntu 6.10 nears end of life

By   |  March 26, 2008

Users of Ubuntu 6.10, the Ubuntu Linux edition released in October 2006, will need to start considering their alternatives with the release coming to the end of its support life in a month’s time. The release, supported for 18 months, will see the end of its support on April 25.
The supported upgrade path from Ubuntu 6.10 is via Ubuntu 7.04. Instructions and caveats for the upgrade may be found at Note that upgrades to version 7.10 and beyond are only supported in multiple steps, via an upgrade first to 7.04, then to 7.10. Both Ubuntu 7.04 and Ubuntu 7.10 continue to be actively supported with security updates and select high-impact bug fixes. All announcements of official security updates for
Ubuntu releases are sent to the ubuntu-security-announce mailing list, information about which may be found at



7 Responses to “Ubuntu 6.10 nears end of life”

  1. scorpfromhell
    March 26th, 2008 @ 11:09 am

    AFAIK, 6.10 is not LTS … its 6.06 … isn’t it? And 6.06 has end of life in 2011? 6.10 of course will be supported only till April ’08. :)

  2. evenorbi
    March 26th, 2008 @ 1:37 pm

    6.10 is NOT an LTS. 6.06 is the LTS Ubuntu (and also the upcoming 8.04).

  3. Lou Ruppert
    March 26th, 2008 @ 9:18 pm

    6.10 isn’t the LTS release. 6.06 is the LTS release. 6.10 is Edgy Eft, one of the intermediate releases.

  4. Mark
    March 26th, 2008 @ 9:57 pm

    Ubuntu 6.06 LTS (Dapper) was the long term support version. The 6.10 is just a normal release.

    Ubuntu 6.06 LTS support is for 3 years (5 for the server version).

  5. brownknight
    March 26th, 2008 @ 11:59 pm

    Ubuntu 6.10 is not LTS. Ubuntu 6.06 is LTS which is supported until 2009.

  6. ramil
    March 27th, 2008 @ 12:02 am

    Ubuntu 6.10 is not LTS (long term support). Ubuntu 6.06 is LTS and is supported until 2009. LTS releases are supported for 3 years on the desktop and 5 years on the server. Regular releases like 6.10 is supported for 18 months on the desktop and 3 years on the server.

  7. Mitchell Burko
    June 4th, 2008 @ 8:34 pm

    It is now June 2008. A bit after the end of life for 6.10.

    I just tried to upgrade to 7.04. But, first the upgrade process must apply all of 6.10’s updates.

    The support files have been removed from Ubuntu servers so the updates are not available.

    How do I upgrade?

    Thanks, Mitch.

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