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SA accounting gets smart

By   |  November 5, 2003

Looking for open source accounting software? South African developers have produced one of the open source world\’s most comprehensive accounting applications, says Andre Coetzee, a founder and leader of the Cubit project. And version 3.0 of the web-based application was released earlier this month with a number of enhancements planned for version 3.1 due out this week.

Coetzee says Cubit is \”already miles better\” than some of the smaller accounting packages available and \”compares favourably\” with most commercial accounting packages.

Cubit, which is primarily developed by the 14 in-house developers of the Cubit Accounting, also lists around 8 external contributors. The project is about two-years old now, says Coetzee, and is suitably mature for most users. \”Our target market is he world,\” he says.

Coetzee says that Cubit version 3.1, which will be available during the course of November, will include petty cash, high-speed custom input journals, asset register, picking slips, an additional 15 reports, better documentation and a range of cash book changes.

Cubit is licensed at R950 per year. If the application is installed by a third-party then the annual license fee is shared between Cubit and the company that installs the application for their client.


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