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Sun wants to fully open source Java

By   |  April 24, 2008

Sun Microsystems is stepping up efforts to boost Java usage in Linux shops by working to remove some final encumbrances in the open source Java platform, Infoworld reports. Sun is hoping that by removing barriers, including some encryption libraries, graphics libraries, the sound engine, and some SNMP management code, Java will be able to be completely open sourced and then shipped with various Linux distributions.

Sun is apparently already talking to some distributors, including OpenSuse, Ubuntu and Fedora, to have them offer an updated version of OpenJDK, which constitutes the open source Java platform. Sun plans to offer the updated OpenJDK soon and clear the last few encumbrances later.

“We’re hoping to see some movement [with the] Linux distributions in the very near future, hopefully by JavaOne,” said Rich Sands, group manager for developer marketing at Sun.

“We’ve been engaging with the open-source community for Java to finish off the OpenJDK project, and the specific thing that we’ve been working on with them is clearing the last bits that we didn’t have the rights,” to distribute, Sands said.


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