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Linux guru found guilty of murder

By   |  April 29, 2008

We wrote about Hans Reiser some months ago. At the time, the author of the Reiser filesystem was on trial for the death of his wife in late 2006. Yesterday, a California jury found Reiser guilty of first degree murder. Reiser was separated from wife Nina Reiser and engaged in a custody battle for their two children at the time of her disappearance in late 2006. Her body has never been found.

Although subsequently replaced in most cases by the EXT3 filesystem on most Linux systems, ReiserFS was one of the first filesystems used in Linux and is still incorporated in the Linux kernel. The Reiser4 open source project, the successor to ReiserFS also conceived by Hans Reiser, continues to be developed and supported by a group of open source programmers. The fate of Reiser4 is now uncertain with the pending sentencing of Resier.
[Via ZDNet]



2 Responses to “Linux guru found guilty of murder”

  1. Uwe Thiem
    April 29th, 2008 @ 12:45 pm

    Let me start with this remark: There is no conspiracy against OSS behind Hans Reiser’s prosecution. ReiserFS simply isn’t important enough.

    Nonetheless, I find it extremely irritating that a guy can be found guilty of murder although there is absolutely no proof. Prosecution has to prove guilt beyond any reasonable doubt. Prove! Instead we have:

    No corpse. This means it isn’t clear at all whether Mrs. Reiser was murdered. It isn’t even clear that she is dead.

    No crime scene. Nobody ever pointed out where and how Mrs. Reiser was murdered.

    No eyewitnesses. Well, nobody ever stepped forward and claimed s/he has seen the murder.

    No proof. Zilch. Nada. Very circumstantial and soft evidence. Nothing hard.

    I have no problem imagining Hans Reiser murdering someone, but that doesn’t make him a murderer. Finding him guilty on nothing but hot air is … well … not justice.


  2. Malipula
    May 1st, 2008 @ 1:25 pm

    There is no solid evidence that Mrs. Raiser was murdered by her husband. To be fair, the jury has to prove to us that Raiser is a murderer, by solid evidence and not mere suspicion…With the intelligence of FBI and CIA, how can they fail to prove (if it were really true) that Mrs. Raiser was murdered? Judicial system should be fair.


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