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In one breath what is the connection between Novell, SCO, Linux, and SuSE?

By   |  November 6, 2003

Unix was developed by AT&T in the 70\’s but many critical patents were sold to Novell who later sold the rights to the operating system to Santa Cruz Operation. Santa Cruz Operation renamed itself Tarantella and eventually sold it\’s Unix rights to Caldera International, who produced the Caldera Linux distribution, before renaming itself as the infamous SCO Group (an acronymn carried over from the now defunct Santa Cruz Operation). Controversy remains over whether Novell actually sold its Unix patents to Santa Cruz Operation at all, and is the pivotal issue in the well-publicised SCO law suits against Linux users. Novell\’s purchase of SuSE publicly undermines SCO\’s claim to the Unix patents, and by implication it\’s entire case.


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