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Find memory hogs with gmemusage

By   |  May 5, 2008

Struggling to work out which of your regular applications is chewing up memory and bogging down your Linux machine? Gmemusage, or the graphical memory usage viewer, is a simple application that gives you an instant graphical representation of the memory used by your running applications and services. Gmemusage is a clone of the SGI Irix program and, while it lacks some of the features of the Irix program of the same name, it is still a pretty handy tool to have on your machine. Running gmemusage from a command line displays a stacked display of running processes and the memory they are currently occupying.

By default the gmemusage display refreshes every five seconds but that can be configured at runtime as well. Also by default the display groups apps using less that 400Kb each in to a single bar. This can also be configured at runtime or by using the up or down arrows while running. Hitting the up arrow increases the threshhold by 10kb each time and the down arrow reduces it by 10kb. The manual (man gmemusage) for gmemusage is short with just a few additional options available. gmemusage can be downloaded from for most Linux systems. Ubuntu users can use Synaptic or apt-get to install: apt-get install gmemusage


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