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Run Linux applications on Windows

By   |  May 20, 2008

Mandrake Linux founder Gaël Duval is back. This time he is behind the launch of a virtual Linux desktop that runs on Windows machines. Ulteo Virtual Desktop gives Windows users access to a full selection of Linux applications on their desktop.

Unlike virtualisation software such as Virtual Box and VMWare, Ulteo Virtual Desktop is built on coLinux, which allows two systems to run side by side on the same platform. Using coLinux means Ulteo “offers performance close to a native installation on the hardware because it uses no virtualisation software”, the development said.

Once installed, Ulteo Virtual Desktop offers a special menu that can be used to launch a choice of well known open source applications including multi-IM software such as Kopete and music players such as Amarok and many others.

Ulteo also includes automatic system and application updates as well as document synchronisation across all Ulteo systems.

Applications can naturally access the user’s documents in the My Documents folder and sound and printing are also supported on the fly.

Ulteo Virtual Desktop is available as a free download.


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