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India joins SA, Brazil in OOXML standard fight

By   |  May 31, 2008

India yesterday joined Brazil and South Africa in appealing the ISO/IEC fast track process to adopt Microsoft’s OOXML format as an international standard.

IEC spokesman Jonathan Buck said that by the deadline last night, the organisation had received three appeals, from Brazil, India and South Africa, PC World reports.

“The Brazillian appeal was not lodged in the correct procedure – it was not send to the CEOs of the two organizations – but nonetheless it has been received,” Buck said, adding that it will be treated in the same way as the Indian and South African appeals.

The so-called fast track process leading up to that vote has been widely criticized as being rushed. Both Brazil and South Africa have said that issues were either ignored or pushed through.

To resolve issues a ballot resolution meeting (BRM) was called to discuss the criticisms made and improve the draft.

Delegates at the February BRM for OOXML, however, had just five days to deal with over 1 000 editorial changes and technical criticisms. Since that meeting the final version of the text has still not been circulated to national standards bodies over a month after the deadline for publication set by JTC1 rules.



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