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Firefox 3 shows strong uptake

By   |  June 28, 2008

A little more than 10 days after its release and Firefox 3 is already starting to dominate browser usage. Tectonic readers are generally ahead of the general trend when it comes to adopting new technologies but the growth in Firefox usage over the past week has been significant.

Over the past five days on Tectonic we have seen more than 68 percent of users using a version of Firefox to visit the site, followed distantly by Internet Explorer users at just over 22 percent.

Breaking down the Firefox users further shows that more than 70 percent of Firefox users are already using version 3.0, the version released 10 days ago. Various versions of Firefox 2 make up the balance, bar one percent of users, who are still using a 1.5x version of Firefox.

Over the course of May almost 60 percent of Tectonic readers were using one or other version of Firefox 2.

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