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Sun launches software support services for software

By   |  February 17, 2004

Looking for software support for Sun Microsystem, one of the founders and a primary sponsor of the open source project, has added software support for the productivity to its lineup.

According to Chris van Niekerk, regional support managerat Sun Microsystems SA, this move enhances the company\’s current support for the StarOffice productivity suite, and provides customers with additional choice and opportunity to reduce costs. It also underscores Sun\’s commitment to open source and standards-based software.

\”The announcement comes on the heels of a global movement by governments and institutions, such as the city of Munich, the Israeli Ministry of Commerce and the French Ministry of Interior, to migrate toward open, affordable and secure office productivity suites such as StarOffice and software. Within South Africa, too, there has been a marked increase in interest in alternative productivity suites such as StarOffice and OpenOffice as businesses increasingly seek software that will deliver the required functionality without exorbitant cost,\” says van Niekerk.

Van Niekerk says that the rapid growth of StarOffice and OpenOffice software show that the suites are here to stay. \”As a key driver of the community, Sun is well-positioned to provide comprehensive support to enterprise users.\” users looking for support can choose from two individual support packages from Sun.

The first is \”standard\” support which includes unlimited phone and online access to technical experts, online incident submission and tracking, software updates and patches, and access to online self-serve resources. The \”premium\” service includes all the elements of standard support as well as 24-hour coverage with live call transfer. The premium service is designed for mission-critical environments.


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