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Tweetdeck adds support for open source social networks

By   |  May 27, 2010

A fan of TweetDeck but missing your friends? The good news is that the latest release of TweetDeck now has support for open source-based networks as well. Although still in testing it’s simple to set up and works like a charm.

Unlike Twitter, networks come in many shapes and sizes so to set up one of these on TweetDeck you’ll need to have an account on sites such as or

First, download the latest release of TweetDeck. You’ll need version 0.34.1 or better. Install that.

Second you’ll need to setup (or add another) account through the “add account” button. Choose the Twitter account type. Enter the username and password for your preferred network.

Third, click on the “Advanced Options” link and add the base URL for the network you’re connecting to. On sites that’s usually “/api/”. On, for example, it is and on it is

Verify the details and you’re sorted.

As with other TweetDeck accounts you can add columns for friends, replies and mentions.

Via Evan Prodromou


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