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Sun looks at education market for Java Desktop users

By   |  February 17, 2004

Sun Microsysytems is looking to roll out its Java Desktop software to schools an universities. According to Sun the operating system and desktop will only set users back in the region of R180 per desktop per year. A figure the company says is dramatically cheaper than other alternatives on the market.

Included in package will be the software, maintenance, support and training services.

David Sibiya, education account manager at Sun Microsystems SA, says \”by bringing an affordable alternative to the education sector, Sun is working to make a reality of bridging the digital divide as more learners and students will have access to computers, applications and the Internet.\”

He says the Java Desktop System ( JDS) provides a complete desktop environment of productivity tools for students, including an office suite, Web browser, e-mail, calendar, instant messaging and more. \”The solution is also the only offering with fully integrated Java technology and is natively ready to run thousands of Java technology-based applications with a consistent look and feel.\”

Sun\’s Java computing alternative comes at a time when the education market continues to be faced with tightening budgets and is feeling the pressure of being tasked with providing secure technologies to support academic and research excellence. \”With Sun\’s Java computing alternative, the education market has access to affordable systems on Sun\’s newest technology at highly attractive prices.\”


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