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KDE 4.1 hits the desktop

By   |  July 30, 2008

The KDE development team yesterday released KDE 4.1.0. The new release, the first update to KDE 4.0, includes a number of new, and some returned, applications that dodn’t make it into version 4.0.

Among these are:
– KDE-PIM is finally back with 4.1 with all the applications users have come to rely on. KMail, KOrganizer, Akregator are just some of the tools that make a return with the new KDE 4 look.
– Dragon Player, an easy to use video player is now included in KDE 4.
– Okteta is the new feature-rich hexeditor,
– Physics emulator, Step, has been included in this release.
– KSystemLog is included to keep track of system resources.
– On the games front, KDiamond, Kollision, KBreakOut and Kubrick make it into this release.
– Lokalize, a localisation tool, is also included.
– Desktop CD player, KSCD, has also been resurrected.

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